David Duarte Professional Profile
Digital Marketing Professional

David Duarte

Analytical | Creative | Technical


Professional Bio

Over twenty years experience conceptualizing, designing and developing effective, user-centric interactive digital products for the purpose of marketing and promoting a wide range of industries. 

A passion for brand development, tailored digital strategies, e-commerce, insightful analytics, and advanced technology automations and platforms. A proven track record for discovering and implementing cost effective and time saving solutions, while refining functionalities and efficiencies across all technology systems.

Who I Am

Driven to grow and become a better person each day. Governed by integrity and a finely-tuned moral compass. Inspired by those who’ve achieved the unlikely or impossible to make a difference in the world. Aspired to positively affect others by an innate sense of altruism. 

Confident leader without ego, a natural teacher and a humble student of life. An open-minded, supportive, motivational team player, a purveyor of positivity to those around me. Strive for success in the face of every challenge presented. Fueled by discipline, self-determination, and a particularly exceptional work ethic. A perfectionist with a deep respect for the process, craft and creativity of my endeavors.